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As a business owner, you’re typically run off the legs of yours with the challenges of operating the business of yours. The very last thing you have to be concerned about is a legal issue. Lots of business folks put off dealing with a legitimate problem since they do not know where you can turn, do not possess the time, or perhaps usually, are fearful of just how much it is going to cost as well as just how much time it’ll take.

  • A customer failed to pay an account despite many promises.
  • You got a letter from a government agency.
  • You found out that the former manager of yours has create a competing company and has stolen your best customer and one of your key employees.
  • You’ve just been sued for a large sum of money.
  • Someone told you that one of your standard form legal contracts will not stand up in court and you’re concerned about it.
  • You’ve a dispute with your landlord.
  • You’ve an issue with a US or perhaps European customer.
  • The business of yours has been defamed on the internet.
  • You just discovered a manager has been sexually harassing an employee and need legal help.
  • An employee is damaging your business but threatens to sue whether you fire him. You’re uncertain precisely how to handle it.
  • You’re involved with a Workplace Safety Insurance claim.